A peritoneal metastasis service for Wales

Status Active
Programme Bowel Cancer Programme
Partners Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Project Lead(s)

Mr James Horwood

Mr James Horwood

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


I believe that the time is right for the establishment of a peritoneal metastasis service located in Wales

Mr James Horwood

Following the liver, the peritoneum (the thin lining of the abdominal cavity) is the second most common site for colorectal cancer spread. Unfortunately, when colorectal cancer spreads to the peritoneum, patient outcomes have traditionally been very poor.

In recent years a combined surgical and chemotherapy technique has been developed and approved by NICE. It involves removing peritoneum, followed by chemotherapy directly into the abdominal cavity. For suitable patients, this treatment is shown to lead to survival for 5 years or more for over 50% who receive it. This treatment is available in all parts of the UK except Wales.

Led by Consultant Colorectal Surgeon James Horwood, and working collaboratively with experts in Basingstoke, this project will examine the feasibility of establishing and sustaining a peritoneal metastasis cancer service for Wales.

Check back for project updates.

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