Digital training for the endoscopy workforce in Wales

Status Active
Programme Bowel Cancer Programme
Partners Welsh Endoscopy Training Network +

Project Lead(s)

Neil Hawkes

Neil Hawkes

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board


Through this work we will actively engage patients and endoscopy trainees in the development of our teaching methods and tools, and seek to provide training models that work across professional and institutional boundaries.

Dr Neil Hawkes ― Consultant Gastroenterologist

The challenges facing endoscopy services in Wales have been well documented. The increasing demand for endoscopy coupled with a lack of capacity in hospitals means patients in Wales wait longer than anywhere else in the UK for treatment. Welsh Government recognition of this led to the formation of the National Endoscopy Programme and associated action plan (2019-23).

The clinical (non-medical) endoscopist accelerated training programme developed in Phase 1 of the Bowel Cancer Programme successfully contributed important additional endoscopy capacity: the four trained colonoscopists each providing two lists per week will complete 1280 colonoscopies each year; and the training programme has since been adopted by Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW), who have just appointed their second cohort of trainees.

Building on the learning from Phase 1, in this next phase of work Dr Neil Hawkes is developing a portfolio of digitally accessible courses relevant to the current and newly recruited multi-profession endoscopy workforce in Wales. These new materials will support competency development against specific frameworks developed in Wales, with the specific aim of improving performance and patient safety across all endoscopy units.

Check back for project updates.

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