Early Detection & Diagnosis Funding Call

Aims of this funding call

Through this 2022 funding call, Moondance Cancer Initiative aims to pump-prime the implementation of changes that will increase the proportion of cancers diagnosed at an earlier stage in Wales.

We welcome applications for ‘changes’ in the broadest possible sense – whether they are workforce innovations, new technologies or software, or new/improved models of care, or similar. The proposed change may be entirely new, or inspired/transferred from elsewhere.

We are particularly interested in applications that will reduce inequalities in cancer outcomes.

Crucially, applications should plan to implement the change(s) in 2023, and should plan to measurably improve early diagnosis in the local patient population.

The funding call is open to clinical and non-clinical staff across NHS Wales. External partners interested in applying should partner with relevant NHS colleagues.

Funding available

A total of £1 million is available through this funding call. In order to support implementation of new approaches of varying scales, applications are welcome in two categories:

  • Up to £25,000
  • Up to £200,000

Where a larger amount of funding is requested, we will expect to see a larger potential improvement to cancer diagnosis.

Applications are now closed and we aim to notify successful applicants by early December.

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You can email us with any questions about the funding call here.

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