3D imaging for breast reconstruction

Status Active
Programme Innovation Time Awards
Partners Hywel Dda University Health Board

Project Lead(s)

Asma Munir

Asma Munir

Surgeon, Hywel Dda University Health Board


I believe that innovation in technology and advancements in the care of breast cancer should be available to all.

Asma Munir ― Speciality Doctor

Breast reconstruction is one of the important components in the treatment of many breast cancer patients. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy offers improved psychosocial well-being and helps in restoring symmetry, and correct body image.

In most cases of reconstruction, surgeons base the assessment of breast reconstruction on physical examination and visual size-estimates of breast size. This subjectivity has been seen as one of the limitations in the overall success of breast reconstruction and can often result in the need for additional revision procedures.

This project will test the use of 3D imaging as a guide for surgical management and as a tool for postoperative analysis to assess the symmetry of reconstructed breast. The evaluation will assess whether pre-op planning and visualization of aesthetic results using the 3D software improves patient satisfaction and decreases the need for revisional surgery.

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