AI assisted breast cancer diagnosis

Status Active
Programme Innovation Time Awards
Partners Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board +

Project Lead(s)

Alison Davies

Alison Davies

Cellular Pathology Service Manager, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


This project has the potential to diagnose patients with breast cancer more quickly, thereby shortening an often worrying wait and ensuring patients proceed to treatment without delay

This project will test the use of artificial intelligence (AI) software in performing the first diagnostic step in cases of breast cancer.

Where malignancy is identified, AI will then highlight the need for additional tests thereby ensuring the pathologist receives everything they need to make a full diagnosis.

The use of AI could therefore streamline the pathway, reducing the time taken for the pathologist to reach diagnosis & give the status of the tumour. Clinical decisions can then be made more quickly and patients can start to receive the appropriate treatment.

While the reporting will remain firmly in the hands of the pathologist, this pathway innovation could also add another level of scrutiny where the AI can act as a "second opinion' when identifying cancers.

Check back for project updates.

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