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Nominations and entries are being invited in 10 categories:

MCI awards 2024 - Categories


You can enter yourself / yourselves, or you can be nominated by a colleague working in the Welsh NHS or partner organisations. You must work in the Welsh NHS or a related service/organisation to enter or to nominate.

We welcome entries and nominations for people and/or teams working across any part of cancer pathways – from awareness, through to detection, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Entries and nominations can recognise the efforts and impact of those who support front line staff as well as those directly delivering front line services.

Entries should relate to activity since August 2022 onwards or where the impact/conclusion of activity has been since this time.

Achievement Awards

This category of awards recognises individuals and teams that have enabled positive change for cancer patients.

  1. Working together. The winners of this award will be a group or team that demonstrate how deep collaboration has enabled them to better respond to the needs of (suspected) cancer patients. This could be between departments, specialties, across health board boundaries and/or multiple organisations.
  2. Better patient experience. This award will recognise an individual or team that has delivered measurable improvement in patient experience. This could be at any point of the patient cancer journey.
  3. Patient & public participation & involvement. The winners of this award will demonstrate how meaningful public and patient participation and involvement has helped improve or influence cancer services. This could relate to any part of the cancer pathway,

Innovation & Improvement Awards

This category of awards will celebrate individuals and teams that have innovated and/or improved cancer services, demonstrating better outcomes for (suspected) cancer patients and measurable improvements in the quality and effectiveness of services.

  1. Innovation & Improvement: Early detection & diagnosis. This award recognises ambitious and effective innovation in early detection and diagnosis of cancer or the implementation of significant improvements within existing diagnostic pathways.
  2. Innovation & Improvement: Cancer treatment. This award recognises innovation or improvements in cancer treatment that are benefitting patients in Wales. This may be in surgery, oncology or an associated element of treatment.
  3. Innovation & Improvement: Working with industry & 3rd Sector. This award recognises the diverse roles played by industry and third sector partners in better cancer outcomes for Wales – whether in life sciences, in specialist provision, in patient support and palliative care, or beyond.
  4. Innovation & Improvement: cancer workforce. This award recognises changes that have enabled or are enabling the cancer workforce - such as (but not limited to) better equipment, training or support to staff working at any stage of cancer pathways; introducing new roles or ways of working; or the successful redesign or redeployment of a workforce to meet evolving cancer demand.

Excellence Awards

The excellence category spotlights key individuals who are inspiring and mobilising changes leading to better cancer outcomes in Wales. Individuals at all levels below Executive / Medical Director are eligible, and we are interested in those driving change in frontline services, and in support services.

  1. Excellence: Systems and Pathways: To recognise excellence in the operational support, delivery or management of cancer services.
  2. Excellence: Non-medical & nursing:. To recognise excellence by a non-medical clinician, such as nurses and allied health professionals.
  3. Excellence : Medical. To recognise excellence by a junior or senior doctor, or other doctor working in acute or community health services.

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