Early Detection & Diagnosis Funding Call

Active Projects 5 Projects
Duration 2023 - 2025
Funding £450k

Our Early Detection & Diagnosis Funding Call aims to pump-prime the implementation of changes that will increase the proportion of cancers diagnosed at an earlier stage in Wales.

The call was open to clinical and non-clinical staff across NHS Wales organisations in 2022 and invited applications in two categories: (A) up to £25,000 and (B) up to £200,000. We welcomed applications for ‘changes’ in the broadest possible sense – whether they were workforce innovations, new technologies or software, or new/improved models of care, or similar.

Details on successful projects can be found below.

Active Projects

Developing a Local Anaesthetic Thoracoscopy Service

Introducing Capsule Sponge Tests in Wales (Powys)

Prioritising the colonoscopy backlog for earlier cancer detection

Integration of Liquid Biopsy into Lung Cancer Diagnostic Pathway (QuicDNA)

Supporting the introduction of Lung Health Checks in Wales