A snapshot of digital cancer solutions

At Moondance Cancer Initiative, we're interested in which digital solutions have the potential to make a tangible difference here in Wales.

We commissioned Dr. Jonathan Gregory to provide an expert overview of the digital health landscape, and key digital solutions with promise at each stage of the cancer pathway. His reports, and a foreword from the author, are below.

Following interest in these reports, on July 12th 2022, we hosted Jonathan and Helen Northmore for a discussion of digital health, how it is impacting and improving cancer care in Wales, and how to get started in implementing a digital solution. You can watch a replay of the webinar below.

We think there are some exciting opportunities with potential to make a difference for Welsh patients and clinicians in Jonathan's report. See what you think.

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Author's introduction

In this review, my aim has been to use broad brush strokes to help the reader gain a better understanding of key digital and AI products and how they may apply to cancer care now and in the future.

Digital healthcare is at a relatively early stage. There is huge potential, lots going on, a long way to go to realise their promise, and many mistakes will be made along the way.

Please read this report in the manner it was written – with an open mind and a sense of constant curiosity to find digital solutions that might address problems faced by patients and clinical teams. We need to learn together, work together and evolve services together in order to make the digital transformation of cancer care a reality.

Those living with cancer in Wales and elsewhere deserve the best we can deliver.

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