Towards Zero Deaths from Bowel Cancer in Wales: Our Case for Change

With widespread collaboration and support, this should mark the start of an impactful and long-term movement towards better bowel cancer care in Wales. Let’s do this together and bring the hope Wales needs.

Professor Jared Torkington ― Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Every year in Wales, over 900 people die from bowel cancer. This number is increasing, and so are the inequalities in care.

Despite this, Bowel Cancer remains one of the most treatable of cancers, with effective opportunities at several points to save lives. Working with patients, clinicians and others we have set out a plan to begin moving Wales Towards Zero Deaths from Bowel Cancer.

Endorsed by Bowel Cancer UK, The Royal College of Surgeons of England, The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland, the Welsh Association for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, Wales Cancer Network and the Wales Bowel Cancer Initiative, this report is a rallying call for everyone involved in bowel cancer in Wales.

Partnership and collaboration across government, patient groups, NHS, third sector, and industry will be essential to deliver the most impactful programme possible for Wales. We are committed to championing, supporting, and funding these actions and will work collaboratively to fuel this change.

Read the Case for Change here:

Creating our Case for Change

To cocreate this plan, we’ve conducted an evidence review, analysing opportunities with the potential to reduce bowel cancer deaths in Wales and considered how each might fit within the reality of services in Wales today. This review was checked by consultation with over 60 bowel cancer professionals and experts in Wales.

Next, we commissioned the NHS research group Cedar to consult over 70 patients and carers, understanding their experiences and priorities for change.

Patient and professional-backed opinion was discussed in three workshops held across November and December 2022, which stress tested and shaped the tangible actions and strategies identified in the final Case for Change.

Case for Change

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