Bowel Cancer Programme

Active Projects 7 Projects
Duration 2021-2024
Funding £2m

Every year in Wales, over 900 people die from bowel cancer. This number is increasing, and so are the inequalities in care. Despite this, Bowel Cancer remains one of the most treatable of cancers, with effective opportunities at several points to save lives.

Despite incidence rates remaining stable for 25 years, survival for people diagnosed with bowel cancer in the UK is poorer than comparable countries. UK statistics indicate that Wales has the lowest relative five-year survival rate, in comparison to the other UK nations.

Overseen by our Clinical Director, Prof Jared Torkington, this programme represents a diverse portfolio of projects spanning the patient pathway.

Active Projects

A peritoneal metastasis service for Wales

Realising the potential of audit to improve bowel cancer outcomes

Enabling research activity across Wales

Innovating the pathology workforce

Bowel cancer patient & professional support

Schools: Investing in the next generation

Improving uptake of bowel cancer screening (Phase 2)

Completed Projects

Non-medical endoscopists - Accelerated training

Improving uptake of bowel cancer screening (phase 1)

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