Enabling research activity across Wales

Status Active
Programme Bowel Cancer Programme
Partners Swansea Bay University Health Board +

Project Lead(s)

Prof Dean Harris

Prof Dean Harris

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Swansea Bay University Health Board


Through this work we want to make it easier for thousands of patients in Wales with gastrointestinal cancers to access clinical trials

Prof Dean Harris ― Consultant Colorectal Surgeon


Research shows that cancer units with higher rates of clinical research activity achieve overall better outcomes for patients than units that are less research-active. This relationship is particularly clear for bowel cancer. There is recognised variance in cancer research activity between cancer treatment centres within Wales.

Through this innovative and ambitious project, Dean Harris and colleagues have put organisational capacity and processes in place to help increase the number and spread of bowel cancer patients offered the chance to participate in clinical trials. They have done this by:

  • facilitating sustained cancer research participation within units that are less research-active
  • piloting a support package to enable up to three currently less research-active endoscopy units to become fully research-active, recruiting high numbers of patients onto early cancer detection trials
  • providing support for all-Wales collaborative bowel cancer research projects towards improved cancer outcomes

Colorectal Research and Trial Engagement Training Day - February 10th 2023

In February, Prof Harris, brought together the teams involved in the project and professionals from across the UK for the ‘Colorectal Research and Trial Engagement Training Day’. The event aimed to facilitate higher rates of clinical research by educating members of the colorectal teams about the different aspects of research; from funding and grant applications, to available support and key case studies which highlight the challenges of setting up and taking part in studies. Presentations from the day can be found here.

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