What could we achieve? Evidence Review

Dramatically reducing the deaths from bowel cancer is absolutely achievable if we put our minds to it

Jared Torkington ― Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

What could we achieve? We want to hear from you.

International evidence suggests that, if we got everything right, we might be able to move towards zero deaths from bowel cancer.

We've conducted an evidence review to map our opportunities for reducing deaths, as we ask: What could we achieve?

Now, we want to hear from the experts in Wales. If you are a healthcare or policy professional, we invite you to read our review, and tell us what you think. What would help you care for patients most? Where can we make the most difference?

This is a chance to shape our journey – as we aim to produce and back a plan to move us towards zero deaths from bowel cancer in Wales. Join us, and help to shape this movement.

Download the review below, and email your thoughts to: James@moondance-cancer.wales

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below: