Enabling the Case for Change

The Towards Zero Deaths from Bowel Cancer in Wales: Case for Change has been co-created with bowel cancer professionals and patients and has identified a clear set of actions that can make a significant impact on bowel cancer care in Wales.

At Moondance Cancer Initiative, we are committed to championing, supporting, and funding the actions identified and will work collaboratively to fuel this change. Partnership and collaboration across government, patient groups, NHS, third sector, and industry will be essential to deliver the most impactful programme possible for Wales.

The first step is to submit an 'Expression of Interest Form' (available below) outlining your ideas. This will be reviewed by the team and, if successful, the next stage will be a more detailed discussion of your idea. We will work iteratively with individuals to shape ideas into detailed project proposals and deliverable plans.

Please ensure you read the funding principles (available to download below) before submitting your ideas. Completed forms should be sent to info@moondance-cancer.wales

Case for Change

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Patient Voices

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